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Belfast Live Reports on launch of Me Beauty Cosmetics

Ross Kane, Creator and Owner of Me Beauty Cosmetics spoke to media giant Belfast Live regarding the launch of his new company and its rapid success within its first few months of operation. 

Me Beauty Cosmetics was launched in January 2021 by founder Ross Kane who studied business and has a passion for skincare. Ross suffered from acne in his early teenage years which drove him to conduct extensive research into skincare and meet with several dermatologists, another reason he created Me Beauty Cosmetics. 

Ross told Belfast Live "I wanted to bring products to the market that can give people amazing results, at an affordable price. I was keen to make a product that people could use with their current skincare products." 

Me Beauty Cosmetics began selling products on its website ( in January 2021 and within a matter of months, its products were also being sold in multiple retailers around the country. Eighteen to be exact. 

Ross believes the reason for the success of Me Beauty Cosmetics is the price point and level of quality. "There was at least 12 months of research and trial and error of products before I had even decided I was going to create this business" - Ross Kane.

You can read the full press release here:

Belfast Live Reports on launch of Me Beauty Cosmetics
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