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The Me Beauty Facial Puff is a multi-purpose product that you will love!


The facial puff can be used:

1. To remove makeup or eye makeup with just water! Or you can use the facial puff alongside your current makeup removing solution such as cleanser, micellar water or cleansing balms etc

2. To wash / clean your face - during your skincare routine you can use your facial puff to wash off your cleanser or soap. The nano cotton fibres in the facial puff help to lift makeup and dirt off your skin!

3.To remove 'wash off' face masks - we all know that 'wash off' face masks can be tricky to remove from your skin once they have dried. Using a wet facial puff will take it right off!


Why use a Me Beauty Cosmetics Facial Puff?

1. They save you money! You no longer need to continuously purchase makeup wipes & cotton pads to remove your makeup. Your new Me Beauty Cosmetics Facial Puff can be used & machine washed up to 200 times

2. Your skin will thank you! Some makeup wipes contain harsh ingredients as a way to break down your makeup.. you don't want that on your skin. Using a facial puff gives you complete control of which products touch your skin

3. You're helping the environment! By using a Me Beauty Cosmetics Facial Puff you are reducing your usage of waste products such as makeup wipes and cotton pads which are harmful to the environment


The Me Beauty Cosmetics Facial Puff is made from nano cotton fibres which allow the product to carry out all the functions listed above. The product is vegan & cruelty free.

White Facial Puff

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