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When people say "It's hard to find the perfect nude" they aren't wrong. The creation of the perfect nude shade is no easy task.. trust us! 


We spent months testing and changing formulas to finally get Dani's Nude Lipstick, and we believe you will love it.


The name Dani's Nude was perfect for this shade as Danielle had to test more nude lipsticks than she could have ever imagined. So, when we finally got the formula perfect, we had to name it after her.


*Our lipsticks are formulated with shea butter and squalane. Shea butter is a great ingredient for its healing and moisturising properties. Squalane has multiple benefits to the skin such as restoring your lipid barrier and preventing the lips from dehydration. In other words, your lips will love it! 

Danielle Walsh x Me Beauty Cosmetics Dani's Nude Lipstick

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